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TIP # 2

Use one password for UNIMPORTANT things.

It is difficult to remember many different passwords.  And if you do use different passwords, write them down and keep them in a secure place. Use a password of between 8 to 12 characters.  Mix them up between capital letters and lower case, numbers, and marks. Use something you can remember easily.  For example:

My first true love was Susan in 1967, but I didn’t  have money for dates. So the easy to remember password would be: “Sue1967$0”.

Many membership sites require a password so having one password for all the less important things makes it really fast and easy. Getting a new password when you forget it can be a hassle.  Please use a very secure password for the important things dealing with money, hosting, blogs, domains, and important membership sites.

Also using one USER NAME is convenient. It doesn’t have to be your real name.

For Boomers remembering the past is much easier than remembering what we ate for breakfast unless you are like me and eat oatmeal every morning.