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in Spire Jump

in Spire Jump (Photo credit: Éole)

Jump gimp

Jump gimp (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

V Jump

V Jump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Noland’s~jump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Home jump

Home jump (Photo credit: Éole)


Jump in the Fire

Jump in the Fire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TIP # 3

Don’t jump at every good offer.

Check it out before you buy. It’ll be there next week or next month.

A scammer might be gone in a week or two.  Before you buy some membership, software, or ebook check out a review.  Go to Google, Yahoo, Bing, or GoGoDuck and search for the product with review typed in at the end.  Don’t read just one.

Also many sites use Reviews to get clicks to their affiliate links.  Others use it to increase their downline on MLM.  I have found that Warrior Forum has a lot of information.  It is also a great place to learn many things from the comments.

As you may have noticed, when you click and cancel on an offer, the price drops a lot. Prices go from $97 to $77 then $37 and finally $7.

I have also found that Paypal is the easiest way to pay and it is very secure.

So please think about your purchase before jumping on that big BUY NOW button.

Like my grandfather said about problems, ” Wait 3 days and those problems will be gone.”

Well, I like to say, ” Wait three days and you probably don’t want it anymore.”