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Exquisite-gmail red

Exquisite-gmail red (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TIP # 4

Email Accounts – the more the better

I recommend setting up different email accounts for different activities.  Free email accounts can be obtained at Gmail.com, Mail.com, Yahoo, and others that can be found in a search.

I use my computer’s email for personal things and don’t give it away very much.  I have set up a Gmail account for friends and important business things.  I use Mail.com for other business things because of the alternate email domains that can be created and defaulted back to your main email.  One problem with Mail.com is a lot of spam from around the world.  Otherwise, I like the site.  Gmail doesn’t have much spam and the social network Google Plus and Google Hangouts are good, but remember that Google is always tracking you.

I use other email accounts with other companies for the free ebooks, PLR articles, software, and plug-ins that I download.   Any suspicious sites I send to my junk account.  Make sure you write down the username and password for each site so you will be able to log in easily when you forget what they were.  Being organized really keeps the stress down to maintainable levels.

Oh, by the way, if you don’t like being tracked on your searches, use DuckDuckGo.com for your searches.  They will never track you and their searches give some different information.