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TIP # 6

Put all your stuff in folders.

Drag all the things you download ( ebooks, articles, software, etc.) into folders

on your desktop so you can find what you are looking for quickly.

Label them with one subject each, such as: Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, List Building, Junk, Videos, and so on.  This makes it really easy to find. Just right click, select  X, and then Folder.  A folder will pop up on your screen. Label it.  Open your Documents, Downloads, and Pictures and drag them into the correct labeled folder.  Be careful not to drag a folder into another folder. It’s difficult to find it when it vanishes from the screen.  I know.

Also put all your files, downloads, everything on a USB.  Your computer may go down someday and you’ll lose everything when it is recovered.  I learned this the hard way.

If you are a better organized person than I am, then you probably won’t have the frustration and wasted time that I have had.  You are a better man than I.