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TIP # 7

Get Some Free Information To Help You Learn.
There are a lot of sites that provide free information.
Sign up for their newsletter or join their membership
and you will be able to access truck loads of free
Also there are many Free PLR (private label rights) sites
where you will be able to download free ebooks and articles
about internet marketing and other categories.
Using these methods you will be able to get more information
about internet marketing than you can possibly read.
Also you will be able to find a mentor you like and trust.
We all need mentors.
You will be surprised when you know a lot more about
internet marketing than your computer geek friends or
acquaintances in just a few months.
I would like to warn you about two things though.
When you sign up for free things, you are giving
that site your email address.  It is what is called subscribing.
After signing up, I mean like the next day, your inbox
will be filling up with offers to purchase something.
This is normal.  It is part of internet marketing.
You can unsubscribe to the honest sites at anytime.
Some people will bombard you everyday and there
is no way to unsubscribe.  Report them as Spam and
Blacklist them.  They will fade away.
Don’t become a Free Ebook Download Junkie like me.
I can’t stop downloading stuff.  I am glad my computer has
527 Giga.  I might fill it up in a year.
This leads me to my next tip in my next post.
I hope I have helped somebody out there who has had
the internet blues like me.