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Concentrated (Photo credit: Lutz-R. Frank)

Don’t Overload yourself with so much information..
Find one category or subject and concentrate on that.
Find one project and work on that only until it’s good.
Then go to the next project.
Many mentors have told me the same thing,
but stubborn me does not listen.
I bounce all over the place.  I know a lot, but haven’t
succeeded at one thing in internet marketing, yet.
So concentrate on one thing and get good at it.
Don’t proctrastinate.  You’ll be five years older before
you know it.  And if you are like me, you don’t have
many years left.  I can take my shoes off and count them

on my fingers and toes.  As they say, ”Do It !   And Do It now !!

M, concentrating

M, concentrating (Photo credit: henry…)