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c. 1630

c. 1630 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intense concentration

Intense concentration (Photo credit: fmgbain)

Under Lock and Key

Under Lock and Key (Photo credit: Pulpolux !!!)

There are a couple of SKILLS that are needed for anybody wanting to be an online marketer.

Firstly, you need a touch of “blindness” so you don’t even look at all the hype. Why?  Because if it looks too good to be true, then it more than likely is.
You need deep concentration, and dedication, to help you stick with one thing at first.  And you definitely need to be able to work really hard at getting that one thing to work.
Also you need a lock and key on your wallet. It`s real easy to buy this, that and the other program, and before you know it, you’ve used a lot more money than you can afford to lose. So always keep in mind there’s always a risk that any money you use could be lost forever.
As for computer jargon, I’ve been online for less than 5 years, and I’m STILL learning. Actually, I’m only just now starting to learn HTML and PHP .  By the way, the computer is the greatest teacher on earth.
There’s a page full of  computer jargon and links to more information, I find it pretty useful.  This is it. Check it out: