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In my Tip # 6 I suggested:

“Also put all your files, downloads, everything on a USB.

Your computer may go down someday

and you’ll lose everything when it is recovered.

I learned this the hard way.”

Well,  I had only saved 6 Giga on my USB and last Saturday my laptop just died on me.  So I took it to the computer guy in my neighborhood again.

This time it cost 7,000 Yen (USD $70) to get my computer back.  The computer guy said I have too much stuff on my harddrive and probably a virus was attached to one of all the downloads I have made.

So it looks like I have to figure out how to save my 50 giga someplace else.  A USB can’t hold all of that.  Maybe buy ten USB?

Does anybody out there have a good suggestion?  The oldie newbie needs some

Dead Computer

Dead Computer (Photo credit: blmurch)