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Hello, I would like to introduce you to my group of Eleven At Heaven’s Door.

We are a bunch of Oldies who decided to get together at lunch on Fridays and talk about our triumphs and moments of defeat.  Harry always talks about his Triumph motorcycle.  His mind is on 5 minute delay. But it’s cool. We all have our problems with different things.

Here they are:

Tom, Dick, and Harry


Boris and Lois,   Bobby and Boobie  Oh sorry. I mean Bobbie.  I always make that mistake.  Bobby and Bobbie just laugh.


Sprinter (He used to be a 51 second 400 meter runner back in the day)

and    Ricky and Nikki

(Nikki says Ricky touches the computer more than he touches her.)

Image                             Image

Image     Then we have me: Flame Out Freddy

We aren’t accepting any more members at this time.  We can’t remember names.

And we sometimes forget who is in our group.

Even though we are old and wrinkled, we are still kicking and fighting to be successful in something new.

Long Live Oldie Newbies!    We are just hoping we live a little longer.

Good luck to us all.

Fred Horstman