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Patric Chan is a man who has given me a lot of helpful info.I like his ten codes and they really apply for Newbie Internet Marketers, especially oldies like myself. Check them out below. 

The 10 Codes Of A Marketer

1. The marketer’s greatest advisor is the market.

2. The marketer’s greatest weakness is falling in love with his/her idea.

3. The marketer will do his best to sell his product because he believes it gives great value to his clients.

4. The marketer never works alone.

5. The marketer always has “enemies” and he accepts that.

6. The marketer acts intuitively on opportunities when it prevails without wasting time to understand everything first.

7. The marketer is never shy of asking opinions of others.

8. The marketer doesn’t waste time on customers who do not know how to show respect.

9. The marketer treats his prospects and customers as PEOPLE with brains and hearts.

10. The marketer, is afterall, a human. He knows when to work and when the enjoy his life for being a marketer. :)

Read more: http://patricchan.com/the-codes-of-a-marketer/#ixzz2bKFy9UYf