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2013-05-11 Learning

2013-05-11 Learning (Photo credit: mrsdkrebs)

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Have you heard the saying:

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”?

Many people have bought promising products or services. More than they care to remember.

Some of those products were pretty expensive. Some were not.

Nobody really teaches the #1 fundamental marketing skill online.

You won’t find the important stuff to learn in a ten-dollar book on Direct Response Marketing from Amazon. It’s not taught. Maybe the gurus just don’t know.

The truth is that “they” (the gurus) don’t teach you anything. Well, not in depth and if they do, they don’t emphasize it enough.

How important it is to truly know and understand your market? The people you are trying to reach.

How many times have you gone out and looked for a hot selling product to push as an affiliate?

Picking the bestsellers on Amazon or Clickbank.

This is a backward way to do your marketing.

Nothing ever begins with the product because it’s all about the target market, the people with the problem.

You don’t find a product and then try to sell it. That’s a big mistake. Yeah, this method works, but there’s a much better way to do it.

Buyers are not interested in the product. They are interested in what the product can do for them. How will this product make their life better?

You have to look and see beyond the product. Go deeper. Go even deeper than that.

To be honest with you, I’m not a master of this stuff. I’m not even a novice. But that’s OK because you don’t have to be a pro to see the big picture.

What you have to do is slow down, forget about products, and think about the people who will be buying those products.

What are they thinking?
What are they saying?
What are they feeling?
What are they hearing?

What I’m talking about is to slow down and listen to what the customer or client is saying.

The people don’t exist for the products. The products exist for the people.

Forget about studying the products, study the people!

When you know what the people want, you can choose the most appropriate product and the one they’re most likely to want.

Instead of being the pushy salesperson selling products, you’ll be more like the trusted friend advising the best solution.

Slow down and simply spend a day or two to find out more about your market.

Learn about the people, then the products. This is true for all markets. Look at Samsung and Sony. Sony made products and then pushed them with heavy advertising. Samsung found out what people wanted and then built it. Who is the leading electronics company in the world? That’s right ! Samsung.

Listen and Learn

Good luck to you all.

Fred Horstman