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Diet and Nutrition

weight loss exercise class

weight loss exercise class (Photo credit: ninahale)

My Weight Loss Coach

My Weight Loss Coach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tens of millions of people in America are trying to lose weight without much success. Why are so many failing? There are many reasons, but most people fail because they would rather give up than fix their mistakes. Weight loss is hard! Without a little patience and knowledge about nutrition and exercise, your best weight loss plan might crumble. Learning the top reasons why weight loss plans fail is important. Why? So that you do not make these same mistakes in your own life.

First, many weight loss plans fail because the people trying to lose weight follow a too severe and strict of a diet. When you cut down on calories, you will burn more than you eat, so you’ll lose weight, right? When you do this slowly, it works like a charm. However, if you suddenly cut too many calories, you won’t lose any weight at all because you metabolism will slow down. You also put yourself at danger by not getting enough e vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients you need every day in order to stay healthy.

One more common mistake is trying to go at weight loss alone. Your need a buddy. Everything you do regarding weight loss, from dieting to exercising, will be much easier if you have a partner because you will push each other not to give up. Working with a support group in a big way is also important. Your friends, family, and acquaintances should know that you are on the road to losing weight so that they can help you. How? By not tempting you by doing things like baking you cookies or taking up your gym time. Also, remember that professionals, like doctors and trainers, should be asked for advice on your weight loss plan. After losing 12 kilos in 6 months I told the doctor that I felt really weak. She said, “You’re losing weight too fast. You’ll be in the hospital, if you keep this pace up.” I slowed down in shedding those pounds.

Setting unrealistic goals is another good way to fail. When you set goals that you can’t easily reach, you push yourself . You want to move forward and you will feel successful even if you fall short of your goal. Also when you set impossible goals, you will find that you are easily irritated. Don’t weigh in every day, don’t completely cut out all of the different kinds of food you eat on a regular basis, and don’t exercise to much right away. Gradually build up to reaching the goals you really want in your life. Be smart with smaller ideas.

Lastly, simply know yourself. Weight loss plans don’t work for changing your bone structure or some other physical characteristics. Don’t attempt to be something you are not. Maybe you have wide hips, wide shoulders, big feet, or big ears. A weight lose plan won’t completely change those things. You have to be happy with yourself on the inside before you change things on the outside in order to succeed at losing weight and many other things in life. I had six diseases. All except one vanished after I decreased my weight by 10%. If I can do it, you can too.

If you are overweight and DON’T want to stay that way, work on what I have mentioned above.  GOOD LUCK.

Fred Horstman