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My Recovery Injection

My Recovery Injection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Diagram of a computer hard disk drive

English: Diagram of a computer hard disk drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some important points for free hard drive recovery

Whenever important files are lost and there is not enough money to fund the recovery of your hard drive, then the only choice is a free recovery process or a free tool for recovery. Does a free hard drive recovery service really exist?

There are no recovery services free of charge. At least they will charge a minimal amount for the knowledge they have acquired. Though there is a chance of getting a free software download, there are restrictions to this free download service also. Some of the important tools are not available in that free download, especially for retrieving that lost data. If that is the case, then downloading the software will be a mere waste of time. Some offers may provide you the download for a free trial basis and you will need to buy it if you want to use it.

So we can say that, free download of software won’t meet the needs for data recovery. They are just provided to make you understand you that a remedy for data recovery problems is always there to help you retrieve the data and recover the hard drive. Most of the providers who deliver software for free will also have a fixed period of use, after which the software will go off just like the computer break down.

Thus the best method is to call an expert instead of depending upon free software. A specialist can help you to repair the hard drive which is impaired and recover the data that is lost. You can even approach a friend, relative, and/or someone who has technical know-how, before going for free software. But an expert can help you much better than the others.

There are some step by step procedures by which you can carry out the recovery of your hard drive.

If you find out that your hard drive is not working and you have some problem to retrieve files or data, then there is no need to fear. Loss of data may occur anytime anywhere and we can’t predict it. Only under extreme conditions, data may not be able to be recovered, especially when there is an error in the logical partitions of the HD.

Recovery After A Crash

If you cannot reboot the computer properly and your hard drive is no longer found in the BIOS, there is a great possibility that your hard drive has crashed. Is you have no doubt that this is so, shut down the computer immediately. If the problem is physical or external, don’t open up the drive as it may damage the head component or stack of the hard drive which will cause more complications.

Recovery After Corruption

Whenever you have reformatted the hard drive accidentally don’t try to write anything new into the hard drive, because the files that you have erased are still inherent within the computer somewhere. Thus if you try to add something then you will unknowingly overwrite the information that is already present in your file, thus you will lose it permanently.

Remember, it is always best to ask an expert. It is best for you, your computer, and your data.
Also it probably won’t be free. You will have to pay some way or the other.

Author:  Fred Horstman


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English: Logo of Data Recovery Français : Logo du service Data Recovery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)