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Recently I have been amazed and proud at how much I can accomplish by doing just one constructive thing each day.  Not reading emails, surfing the net, watering the plants, or taking a shower, but adding an app, making a post, replying to a comment, solving a problem. These are constructive. They help me break the chains of being ANALOG and jump into the DIGITAL world that I have neglected for so long.

I always need inspirational things to keep me going.

When I’m so frustrated with this computer because I can’t do things well,

when I can’t remember what I am supposed to do next,

and when hunting and pecking makes my productivity 3 times longer than most people, I need things like what you will find below: 

10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward

You might want to check out the website where I found this: http://www.fb.com/TributetoStephenCovey

Get ourself up and stay up. Go for it and then keep on keeping on.

Fred Horstman