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English: Nodes with links in two-dimensional p...

English: Nodes with links in two-dimensional plane of PageRank and CheiRank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Links (album)

Links (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brian Dew at NewbiesFirstBiz.com has been giving me a lot of good advice and if you are interested, he has a lot of free information on his site.
I found this information very helpful. Here is what he sent to me.  What do you think?
“The SEO game has changed drastically over the last year. A lot of the tactics that worked 12 months ago don’t work anymore.
Here are 5 mistakes that even experts are missing:
Mistake #1: Building rich anchor text links
You probably already know by now that rich anchor text links are bad, but how rich is too rich? 
You don’t want your anchor text to be richer than 30% and you want to try variations of your anchor text. Why? Because it is rare that someone would naturally link to you with rich anchor text 100% of the time.
Mistake #2: Building too many links too fast
How many links do you need to build to rank for competitive terms? 
You actually don’t need too many, you more so need time. Slow and steady is what’s winning the race in the SEO game. More so, just go for authoritative links.
Mistake #3: Building too many links to your homepage
Have you ever looked at the link profile of the other sites in your space? What portion of their links are from .gov and .edu sites? What portion of their links is going to their homepage versus internal pages? Instead of building links to your homepage, consider building links to the majority of your internal pages.
Mistake #4: Writing a lot of mediocre content
If a site like eHow wrote articles that were over 2400 words and were very detailed like Wikipedia they would rank much higher and get more traffic.
Based on lots of independent research, Google prefers to rank web pages with at least 2000 words of content on page 1.
Mistake #5: Links build authority
By being classified as an authority site, you’ll rank higher. So how do you become an authority site? You get more links, right? Although links do help build authority, it’s not the only way. 
Social media – by building up your social media profiles and getting more tweets, likes, and shares, your website will rank higher. Google and Bing have both publicly stated that they look at social signals. 
Author rank – Google is able to verify authors, which means they can now track who is writing great content, versus mediocre content. If you want to rank higher, try to make your website an authority site. Just don’t focus all of your energy on building links, as it isn’t the only way to become an authority site.”
Brian Dew
Did you know this?  I sure didn’t.  I learned another thing today. One by one. Step by step. Piece by Piece. Post by post. Day by day. Like by like. Follow by follow. Some day I will get to where I want to be.  
I am not going to quit.  I hope you don’t either.
Fred Horstman