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into the color (Photo credit: Sky Noir)

A row of shopping carts.

A row of shopping carts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are 5 Basic Tips to Ensure that Your Website’s Visits Become Actual Sales

Fred Horstman PhotoBy Fred Horstman on September 26, 2013 

If you have monetized your site or are thinking about it and you want to improve the chances of making sales, there are many things that will increase your conversion rate. The following are just five of many, but maybe they are the first and basic things your should consider. Here they are:

1. Color

If you want to express a calm, sincere emotion, don’t use red, orange, or yellow. If you want to express a hot, excited emotion, don’t use green or blue. It is important what color you use for your website. Be sure you choose an appealing color theme for your website. This color theme should be used throughout the site, and look appealing. You can vary the shades, but keep them basically in the same group.

Colors really do influence how people perceive things psychologically. Do some research and look for colors that will go well with your overall business type and the attitude you are trying to project. This is not limited to just the font and background colors. It also applies to graphics and wallpaper that you use on the website. In many cases, white is better so decide which pages need extra background color and which ones do not. Check out many sites in your niche and see what other people are doing. What colors are the big profitable sites using? There must be a reason they use these colors.

2. Logos

It is possible to say it all with a logo. Before you create your website, think about a company logo first. This logo will be an absolutely

invaluable part of the number of sales and repeat customers you will have, your conversion rates. Good company and website logos enhance the feeling people have for your site, and they create brand recognition. When people recognize the brand or product because of your logo, the

odds are they will feel better about your products and services, which will result in sales. Get your idea for a logo and draw a draft. Then ask your artistic friends how they would improve it. Get eight different designs and do a survey. Nowadays many marketers use their blog to do surveys with there subscribers. Sometimes your idea is the best because it is your site, but sometimes your concept will not bring in traffic. Get many ideas and opinions, then decide.

3. Easy to use.

Your website has to be easy to navigate, or you will lose vistors who get frustrated. And your products have to be clearly described and thoroughly explained, or people will leave your site dissatisfied because of the lack of information. Divide the site into sections based on item type, and make each page look professional. People will want to buy your products only if they get a complete description of that merchandise. Otherwise, they may search for the same product on somebody else’s site. You have been there, right? On some sites you can’t find anything, get anything, move around, login, logout, pay, access, comment and/or share the site. Think as if you where the visitor to your site.

4. Shopping carts

Shopping carts should always be easy to use because that is how you get your money. Choose your shopping cart software carefully. Include an area for promotional codes, sales tax, and make choosing shipping options easy. This really helps so that customers can see the total amount of their order before they check out, and can easily add or delete items from their cart as they shop around. Always make it easy for visitors to move from page to page as they add on to the items in the shopping cart.

5. Security

The most important thing is security, for your customers and you. Ensure that your website’s SSL Certificate is up to date. The small lock at the bottom of the website ensures people that you are secure and that their information is completely safe. This will not only instill confidence in the visitors, but will protect

you from liability in any potential cases of fraudulent activity. If you are not sure about how to do this correctly, ask a professional or the company from which you purchase the safeguards.

These are only five basic tips for your website. I hope they help you to move forward successfully. There are many more tips out there. Keep looking and keep on improving.


Fred Horstman PhotoAuthor: Fred Horstman has experienced many different things in his long life. His present goal is to help oldie newbies in Internet Marketing with good information and suggestions. Check out his posts right here on this blog.

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