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A Few More Tips for Helping your Website Conversion Rates

Fred Horstman PhotoBy Fred Horstman on September 26, 2013
It is well known that having an internet marketing website can be challenging. There is inventory to monitor, customers to keep happy, advertising to do, and, of course, security to maintain in order to protect the integrity of the site and your customers. With all of the important steps involved to make sure your business website is a success, conversion rates should be taken into account because that is where the money comes from.

What is a conversion rate, you ask? Well, essentially, a conversion rate is the number of visits you receive on your website that convert to a sale. A simple example would be, if your site got 100 visits in one week and you had one sale, you would have a 1% conversion rate. Effective advertising, whether free or paid for, is important in ensuring a higher conversion rate. Making sure that your website is noticed and that it is clear what you are selling is essential for success. Getting the traffic to your site is important, of course, but finalizing that sale is even more important. A good website that does a lot of business is much more involved with the details than many people might think. A lot of factors are involved with ensuring that visitors click on and then actually buy items they see. There are many things you can do to get the most conversion rates possible which means those visits will turn into cash.

Here are a few tips to help your conversion rates:

1. Headlines

The headline of your site is usually the first thing people see when they click on the home page or any page for that matter. You want the headline to be pleasing, easily remembered, and something they will pass on to other people. Make sure the headline is short, amusing, intelligent, and unique to your site. Just like in the newspapers, the headline catching your eyes and makes you want to read more. The tabloids go even further and make you grab it off the shelf. Create some attention grabbers and your site will become attractive.

2. Incentives

Giving a little extra, sweetening the deal, and congratulating someone for their action will help increase conversions. Tantalize people with free gifts, free advice, and/or free months’ supplies of your products can help convert that one visit into a sale. Free shipping, or a coupon code that allows for a certain percentage off of their total purchase are also both good incentives to offer. These encourage people to buy something since they get a freebie or a discount so they can save money. In today’s economy, free shipping is a huge bonus and will almost always encourage sales.

3. Affiliate programs

Getting people to sell your products or services as an affiliate works. Create a good affiliate program where the affiliate can earn a good percentage.

Affiliate programs offer people incentives for directing visitors to your site in order to get sales. The affiliate can get revenue from the sale, free products, or other things that will get them to promote the website. Create a good affiliate @program where the affiliate can earn a good percesntage of the sale.

A good affiliate program can help your conversion rate increase quite significantly. Remember to keep in touch with your affiliates on a regular basis and encourage them to get those sales! Affiliates can do wonders for your business, and hit the ground running and working for you. Come up with a good template that affiliates can use to publish on their own websites and include in their own emails.

4. Customer service

Good customer service can keep them coming back for more. Be sure you offer thorough and efficient service. People will not become repeat customers and will not inform others about your website if they are not receiving good customer service and technical support. Make sure you are able to answer all questions and help people in a timely manner so they will want to buy from your website again and again. People who get less than the best service often never return. Repeat customers are the ones who add a zero to your profits.

These are only four of a truck load of tips that can help your conversion rate increase. Better conversion rates mean a lot more profit. So try to improve your sales by trying various things. If it doesn’t help, move on and try something else. Keep at it and some day it will all click and fall into place, just like everything else in life. Riding a bicycle, using your smartphone, baking a cake, being romantic; it takes practice to become successful. Go get ’em.

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