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Instead of obsessing over the things you can't...

Instead of obsessing over the things you can’t change, focus on what you CAN: Your attitude, mindset, and energy. -Mandy Hale (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)

You Have To Develop The Right Mindset To Become A Successful Internet Marketer

Fred Horstman PhotoBy Fred Horstman on October 04, 2013

There are many ways to be self-taught about how to be an effective Internet marketer, but you must get yourself in the right frame of mind. You have to realize that it is very important to have your head in the right place if anything you learn is going to be of any help to your new career choice.

As with so many things, and maybe all things, in life, your attitude can be the difference between success and failure. Are you going to be a happy and successful Internet marketer or will you be someone who adds one more example of failure to their list?

Let’s look at one of the first things you should do. You should develop a positive mindset. You will want to apply this approach from the moment you choose to begin learning about the concept of marketing online.

The first step in creating the right approach is to tell yourself that there is nothing that you can’t learn to do and do well. You need PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Your level of confidence will be tested from the very start of your learning, so the sooner you develop this “I CAN” attitude, the smoother and more successful things will be.

Unless you already have a marketing background, chances are that as you begin the process of learning, you will come across terminology that you are unfamiliar with. For people who already doubt their basic ability to learn new things, this can be a major obstacle before they ever get started. However, if you simply remind yourself that there is nothing you can’t learn, this will be nothing more than a small barrier on your way to success. Instead of getting frustrated because you don’t understand a word, stop for a moment and use your access to the Internet to look up the meaning.

Many search engines allow you to enter a command of “define” followed by a keyword or key phrase. This will allow you to find quick definitions for the word, and also provide you with links to sites that go into more detail about the concepts and applications that are connected to that word. Also Youtube has thousands of tutorials. Just put in “How to …..” or “What is …..” You will be amazed at how much you can learn. Heck, I didn’t know what a LINK or a BROWSER was when I first got started. They called me Mr. Analog.

Remember that you are not engaged in a competitive race. If you need to spend an hour, day, week, or more researching marketing terms, then take the time and do it. Getting comfortable with the terminology will only make it that much easier for you to read and be able to use the information that you will learn in your self-training process. You will thank yourself as you continue your studies and find that technical terms are no longer a roadblock for you. This knowledge will also open the road to continued learning.

Besides learning about Internet marketing, it is a good idea to get acquainted with basic Internet tools, as well. There are so many electronic marketing tools that are available today and they just keep on increasing in number. Some of them are free, while others cost very little. There are some basic things that any Internet marketer will need to know and learn about for using these tools. Learning about these tools before you go out and start assembling them will help you keep the right attitude for two reasons.

First, you will be able to side-step grabbing the first tools you see and holding on to them as if they were the bible of marketing. While there are a lot of great support tools and software on the market today, there is also a lot of junk. Real junk that doesn’t do anything or makes the other tools ineffective. So take a deep breath and step back for a moment. Remind yourself that you are in an investigative mode. Make notes, I mean real notes on paper, of tools that interest you, but don’t jump to get them until you have learned more about Internet marketing and how to apply the tools. Then you will be in a better position to judge what value, if any, that particular tool has to your marketing model and plan. I wish somebody had told me this when I got started. I forgot where I found a good tool and if I had written it down, I couldn’t find the paper. Put things in catergorized notebooks. Save yourself time, frustration, and headaches.

Second, don’t set yourself up to fail before you even begin. It is similar to the old saying, “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Smothering yourself with a bunch of tools in a mixed-up, random fashion will only serve to confuse you and distract your concentration away from your goals. Keep focused, keep moving forward. Step by step, one by one. Baby steps are better than one big leap of faith. This will prevent you from getting stuck with details that are not yet essential for you.

Above all, it is absolutely necessary that you meet every challenge with questions about how to turn a bad situation around and make it into an opportunity for learning and success. Remember every challenge or problem is nothing more than an opportunity in disguise. There will always be challenges, but an individual who is dedicated to the idea of becoming a top notch Internet marketer will see these situations as stepping stones to success, rather than a brick wall that cannot be climbed over.

One thing to realize is that no matter how positive you try to be, there will be days when it seems like nothing you study or do is making sense. Recognize that you will have those days, but also remind yourself that every successful person from the beginning of time has also had them.

When you feel the frustration level rising to the point that it threatens to undermine your positive mindset, it is time to take a short break. Push back the chair, turn off the computer, and get out of the house. Go to a movie, take a walk, have coffee with friends. The point is to change your location, the view around you, and the focus of your attention for a period of time. Giving yourself this short break will do wonders for your abilities to understand things. Notice that I said “SHORT break”. Don’t procrastinate! Chances are very good that, when you return to your computer and start the learning process again, things will make a great deal more sense.

Remember that you can be whatever you want to be. All you have to do is take the time to gain the knowledge and skills you need to reach your goals. This may not happen overnight, or in 2 or 3 months, but if you keep on pushing, be positive, work hard towards your goals, and are able to understand and use the things you need, your confidence in your ability will grow. Accomplish one constructive thing every day and you will be able to obtain what you are striving for. 

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