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This Is Not the Target Market

This Is Not the Target Market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If You are a Newbie to Internet Marketing, Read This About Building a List

Fred Horstman PhotoBy Fred Horstman on October 01, 2013

You have all heard the saying, “The gold is in the list” or that the secret to Internet Marketing is just 3 words, “build a list”, right?

Well, is the gold really in the list? You can do marketing without an email list, but it is difficult and requires skills and money for advertising. If you are really serious about getting into Internet Marketing, you had better start building a list from your first day with ecommerce.

There are all sorts of figures floating around about the amounts you might be able to make from your list. Most of these so called statistics are probably made up off the top of some wealthy marketers head. I am pretty sure there is no definite answer for how much can be made for all marketers in general, but here is an equation for assessing your earnings from your list.

First, let me say that it is irrational and not based on any research, but it works as a rule of thumb.

Not counting any new launches, affiliate earnings, or any other type of income from your website, only considering the mailings to your list, a good earning would be around USD 0.50 (50 cents) per person on your list. Obviously this doesn’t mean that everyone on your list will send you a four-bit coin. Even though that would be nice, it means that on average, with some people buying and some ignoring the emails, you would average 50 cents per person per month.

So with a mailing list of 1,000 subscribers, you could expect to take in $500 a month from that one list alone. This is why you should build a list. It doesn’t take much effort and it’s a great source of ongoing income. Also if you need money in a hurry, you can send out a mailing and have $500 in your account in 24-48 hours. One of my mentors uses his very large list to fund purchases rather than use banks or credit. He mentioned that he bought a $300,000 house from a single mailing to his list. He stated this to show me how important and beneficial it is to build a list and I believe him.

This article is not about how to build a list, so I’m not going to go into that. You can find plenty of free information on internet about building lists. There are articles, free e-books, and a ton of e-books for sale up and down the web. Do a search and you will see what I mean.

To build a list efficiently and with little manual labor, you are going to need an autoresponder. You will have to load the information into the autoresponder, but after that you can sit back and enjoy technology. Many people recommend, and even pray by, Aweber to manage their lists. Others use Getresponse or another autoresponder site. Some even install stand alone software on their own server.

If you are going to make the profits you dream about, you need an autoresponder.

To really earn good profits from your mailing list there is a secret. It is not a complicated idea and businesses have been doing this for probably centuries. The secret is…HAVE MORE THAN ONE LIST.

That’s it. That’s the secret.

Now, if you only have one list to rely on to earn money then you already know what to expect. Yes, that’s right. Fifty cents/email address. Many gurus like to use $1 per subscriber because it sounds bigger and better. Anyways, if you have two lists with an equal number of subscribers, then your profits double. Want to triple your profits? Then have 3 lists. You get the picture, right?

Obviously it’s not as simple as that. You could argue that a big list would bring in exactly the same amount of sales as a dozen small lists that equates to the same number of subscribers.

The answer to that is yes and no. Kind of vague, right? Well, if you have a large general list you will get a percentage of sales for sure, but not all of the people on your list will want what you’re offering at that particular time. Some subscribers will be into Adsense information, some will like affiliate courses, and others into software or something else. They might not be interested in that cooking recipe e-book you are offering. They are not your target market. Do you see what I mean?

Those subscribers have all opted-in to your list to get a freebie or information, but what the gurus realize is that to make serious money you need to be more exact about what the people on your list want. So the big marketers have multiple lists targeted for specific needs, niches.

Here is how it works. You create multiple opt-in pages and each offers a different freebie. Someone might be interested in e-books, another in apps, somebody else in software, others in MLM or affiliate programs, and maybe some want to join a membership program. Because the opt-in pages are more specialized, you will know in much more detail what the subscriber is after. So for the list that opted-in to get the free How to Use Adsense course you will target mostly Adsense and PPC (pay per click) related products. To the people who opted-in for the viral marketing freebie you will target mostly viral marketing products. And the end result is that you will end up with a much higher conversion rate than the big general list from which most marketers try to earn from.

It’s really niche marketing via a list rather than a website. Instead of $1 per subscriber, they might make $7 per subscriber. And on a 15,000 member list that’s the difference between $15,000 a month and $105,000 a month from the same number of people. It is just more targeted. Also if you have a product that fits all your lists, combine the lists to act as one big list. Market the same product to all the lists, if it is something that you feel will interest them. Don’t push junk that they have no need of. You will lose your reputation and your branding will go down the drain.

Building multiple targeted lists is possibly the biggest secret that the gurus want to keep to themselves. I never heard about this when the gurus, in all the free e-books I downloaded, talked about building a list. Have you heard about building targeted lists instead of one big list in the tens of thousands? If you have, you are probably a wiser man than I. But I’m writing this article for newbies in Internet Marketing, so if you are a newbie and you are thinking about building that all important list, make your multiple lists targeted. Use this system. You will make more money online.

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