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English: Common questions / Newbies Deutsch: A...

English: Common questions / Newbies Deutsch: Allgemeine Fragen / Newbies Português: Perguntas gerais / Novatos Español: Preguntas generales / Principiantes Српски / Srpski: Уобичајена питања / почетници (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found Mike Marston,a fellow blogger like myself,  who really wants to help Newbies.

Check out what he has to say.



Also, I don’t know if you have noticed, but the Related Articles that I post give a lot more information and sometimes from a different point of view.

Another thing I would like to mention, for people who are hungry for information, is that Twitter has so much information that it will blow you away.

The people on Twitter are much more serious than Facebook. Most of them on Twitter are business oriented.

So register an account and start to follow a few people related to your interests. Word of warning, If you follow a lot of people at first, you are going to get a flood of email telling you who is following you.

Anyway, enjoy the information and thanks for visiting my blog. Stay healthy, wealthy, safe,


Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and happy.  FRED