Separate Email accounts are necessary. It helps keep you organized.


TIP # 4

Email Accounts – the more the better

I recommend setting up different email accounts for different activities.  Free email accounts can be obtained at,, Yahoo, and others that can be found in a search.

I use my computer’s email for personal things and don’t give it away very much.  I have set up a Gmail account for friends and important business things.  I use for other business things because of the alternate email domains that can be created and defaulted back to your main email.  One problem with is a lot of spam from around the world.  Otherwise, I like the site.  Gmail doesn’t have much spam and the social network Google Plus and Google Hangouts are good, but remember that Google is always tracking you.

I use other email accounts with other companies for the free ebooks, PLR articles, software, and plug-ins…

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