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5 Simple Steps To Building A Blog or Website

If you want to build your blogging business and start making money online you will first need to setup your blog with these 5 Simple Steps.

I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry they are all very simple and inexpensive to do.build a blog, make money blogging, make money with a blog

Watch The Step-By-Step Video Walk Thru Below!

Once you finish my 5 Steps to build a blog, you will be that much closer to having the blogging business you always wanted and making money.

Please note that everything I share below,  I use personally and have experience with and I am recommending because they are helpful and are products that I trust – If I don’t like it,  I will not share it!


Start With These 5 Simple Steps…


Build A Blog – Step 1 & 2

Buy a hosting package through Bluehost. A hosting package is where your blog will live so people can see it. BlueHost is the best option for newbie bloggers as it is easy to use, very low monthly cost with great online and phone support.

The best part is that Bluehost will even Set Up Your WordPress blog for you!

“I have used ONLY BlueHost for the past 6 yrs on all of my websites.”

Get Your Free Domain!

Having the right name that matches your blogs topic is one of the most important things you can do when setting up a blog. Your domain is what you will share all over the web and the better your domain, the more you will stand out.

Bonus:  with Bluehost you get a domain name for Free when you sign up.

Once you have your Bluehost set up. Watch the video explaining step-by-step how to get your WordPress blog online.


Build A Blog – Step 3

Get a shiny new theme for your WordPress blog. A theme is what you see on the outside. This blog is actually a customized version of a WooThemes. WooThemes is a great option for newbie bloggers as it gives you a clean, custom look without any need to know coding.

They have a huge supply of theme choices for you, so no matter what your taste, WooThemes has a them.e for you.

“I recommend you buy a theme, since a lot of the free themes will be more work in the end. So spend a little now, and save your self the aggravation.”


Build A Blog – Step 4

Once you have your blog set up, it’s time to set up your list. Building your list is one of the most important things you can do to make money with your new blog.

A successful blog needs to convert as many viewers to frequent visitors as possible and the best way to do this is with AWeber.

Setting up AWeber is simple to set up and use

“I use AWeber on all my websites, I recommend it for it’s features and ease of use.”


Build A Blog – Step 5

Now that you have your blog setup, now you want to install some great FREE plugins. Plugins are like little programs that let you blog do things you want it to.

All In One SEO Pack this plugin will setup your permalinks and help you with your blog’s SEO.

“This is my favorite FREE plugin, I use this and love it”

MaxBlogPress Unblockable Popup let’s you display a pop up box when people visit or leave your blog, fully customizable. This is a must have when you build a blog.

“I use this to share my newsletter sign up form.”

Max Banner Ads this is my second favorite plugin behind All In One SEO Max Banner Ads will rotate any banner ads you have for different positions on your site, this way you can automatically show 2-3 different ads when people visit your site, very cool plugin.

“Fully customizable, I use this plugin to show new updates or affiliate products”

Dig Digg Social Bar:   You want your shared right? No other plugin can touch Digg Digg for this.

There you go, 4 of My Top Free Plugins to make your blogging much easier.


How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Traffic is the most important part to a successful blogging business…Period! Luckily, a blog is one of the best places to get traffic too if you focus your energy in the right places.

Here are some of my Top 7 Traffic Getting Techniques:

Build A Blog – Traffic Tip 1

Write Great Content: Writing great content is the first BIG step to making your blog succeed. When you produce great content on a regular basis, people will start to share it on social media sites and link to it, and all that means more traffic to your blog.


Build A Blog – Traffic Tip 2

Use SEO: When writing your new blog posts, make sure to research and find good keywords to use in your posts. Look for keys with under 5,000 monthly volume, then use that key in the title and spread a few times evenly thru the posts and finally in your tags.

This will give you the best chance at ranking in the top 3 page 1 on search engines.


Build A Blog – Traffic Tip 3

Twitter: Twitter can be one of your top traffic sources if you use it correctly. Make sure to share great stuff to get people to want to share it. Share at a 70-30, 70% other peoples stuff and 30% your own stuff.

Also make sure to spend time each day connecting and engaging with your followers and also continue to grow your targeted follower count.

This post will get you started with Twitter right – 10 Twitter Tips for Newbie’s


Build A Blog – Traffic Tip 4

Social Media Profiles: Once you have a new post written, you should share it in Twitter and Facebook and Google+ about 3 times thru out the day to get the most people to see it. Sharing on social sites will drive traffic back to your blog where you can engage and build the relationships with your new readers.

I use Hootsuite and Ping.fm to send out my post to over 20 other social sites.

Use Hootsuite to schedule your tweets onto Twitter and Facebook and use Ping.fm to automatically update over 20 other social sites without having to sign into each and every account.


Build A Blog – Traffic Tip 5

Bookmark To 45 Sites: The best thing you can do to a new blog post to help it get ranked is to bookmark it and receive good quality back links.

To start my back linking plan, I use Onlywire.com to send my new post out to 30 sites automatically. Added to this I use Firefox add-on called Shareholic to submit to another 15 sites that Onlywire doesn’t have.

In about 20 min you will have about 45 back links to your new post… time well spent!


Build A Blog – Traffic Tip 6

Blog Commenting: This is a powerful way to drive targeted traffic back to your blog IF done correctly. Commenting on blogs that are related to your blogs topic and that have equal or better PR will bring you targeted traffic and a nice back link. But commenting should be about adding to the conversation first, the traffic and back link should not be your MAIN focus here.

The better your comment, the more traffic it will bring, so take your time and add a quality thought out comment.


Build A Blog – Traffic Tip 7

Use Forums: Forums can  be another great way to drive targeted traffic to your blog. There are forums for pretty much any topic you can think of, do a Google search to find the ones that best fit your blogs topic. Once you sign up, get a link to your blog in your Signature field and a picture up. Once you do that, now you need to get involved, reply to people, answer questions.

The more helpful you are, the more traffic that your blog will see.


Now It’s Time To Take Action!

Now that you have your blog up and running and have a good idea on how to drive targeted traffic to it.

You will want to take that new blog and build it into a business and make money with it as fast as you can. Get signed up below for my Free Social Blogging Entrepreneur Course! You will get my blueprint to using Social Media – Blogging and Marketing to build a successful blogging business!