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Don’t expect your woman to change either. This article is short and sweet. I like it.

Contemplating Love

Have you heard this funny one? Allegedly men have feelings too. Ha ha. I know. Most absurd thing ever. Now before you say that I am an egomaniac feminist, let me be clear about something – I know that men have feelings. Of course they do – just like every other human being on earth. Some humans have deeper emotions, more complex ones so to say. And others don’t. If we were all the same, we’d have probably killed each other already.

The truth is – men are really simple. Most of the times they are just plain stupid. Even the best ones, the most successful ones, still the same – stupid. And women are crazy. It’s true. We are emotional, clingy, jealous, anxious and nagging drama queens, but I believe we are the way we are because men are the way they are. It’s that endless clash of the…

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