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Office humour FAIL

Office humour FAIL (Photo credit: ttcopley)



Here is some interesting humor from the office.

It made me feel better after deleting 21 SPAM comments I got in 6 hours.  


Spamfilter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I needed this smile this morning.

How about you ?

Click here:

I’ll also work on answering the phone before it rings….

5 Quick Tips on how to add humor to your website:

  1. Humor isn’t the main course; it’s seasoning. Heaping helpings of humor will make readers vomit (figuratively).
  2. To prevent humor from mingling with important information, place humorous design elements on the sidebars of page templates. For instance, many blogs feature a daily cartoon that gives readers a reason to come back.
  3. Speaking of blogs, they make a great focal point for humor, because most readers expect them to be less stodgy than the main site.
  4. Videos are another wonderful way to convey humor, mainly because people can’t resist watching them. Bonus tip: Keep them short.
  5. Let users provide the humor. I’ll show you an example in a minute.

Read more here: http://www.zemanta.com/blog/how-to-add-humor-to-your-website/