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Where is Your Focus?

by Sofia Essen

FocusWhat you focus on will expand… have you heard that saying before? My father, Henrik, often says this and it happens to be true – what you focus on will indeed expand. The question is: where do you direct your focus? Do you focus on Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow?


Are you living your life in the present or do you have a tendency to linger on yesterday’s news? Rehashing what you experienced or didn’t experience, what you did or didn’t do yesterday is not productive. Dwelling on yesterday prevents you from being present today. Accept that the past is gone and that you can’t change it. Learn from it and then let it go, especially your negative memories. Make peace with yourself and others, and move on.


Take an honest look at yourself. Where are you? Do you focus on what is happening at the moment or is your mind elsewhere? Snap into the present because time is ticking away, and you can’t get it back. Immerse yourself in what you are doing right now. Make a conscious effort to be mindful of the things you appreciate. Be aware of the positive aspects of your life. If you do that, you’ll be much better equipped to handle challenges when they arise.


Enjoying today is essential, but you do need to look ahead once in a while. Your future is only as real as you envision it. Design a tomorrow that is right for you with empowering thoughts, feelings and intentions. Then it’s a matter of focusing your energy and having the courage to commit to achieving your dream goals.

To sum it all up… learn from and then let go of Yesterday, be present Today, and take the actions that will result in the Tomorrow you want.

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Where is Your Focus?