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How To Use Youtube For Newbies, Part 2 of 6 Getting Your Video Featured
By Fred Horstman

This article is the second of six to help newbies to Internet and Youtube by providing some quick start information about using Youtube to your advantage. From registration to uploading videos, you will find some answers to your most pressing questions in a simple and easy-to-follow way. These six articles do not go into great detail. They are designed to give newcomers to Youtube a basic knowledge of how to make and upload videos. More authoritive information can be found with a search and on Youtube itself.

Now that you are registered (Part 1), its time to start making movies. One of the first questions people have is about getting their videos featured. Everyone wants their turn in the spotlight. The real key to getting your videos featured is nothing more than creativity and good luck.

Visitors on YouTube rank the videos they like. So, like any review system, if people like what it is you have to show, they will rate your videos better, and your videos are more likely to be featured. YouTube.com provides a featured section for popular videos.

test tubes 2

test tubes 2 (Photo credit: danmachold)

Using TestTube

Some people are generous enough to want to offer feedback and improve any site they use, including YouTube. If this sounds like you, visit: http://www.youtube.com/testtube

Here officials of the site try their newest features and ask users to provide them with feedback so they can make their products and services more appealing. You will get the opportunity to “test-drive” new features or programs before YouTube launches them.

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Make Your Video “Watch Worthy”

Apart from making a great video, there are many ways you can express yourself and get noticed on YouTube. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t let registered members upload personal avatars of themselves, small pictures of their liking.

You can however, create a brand simply by using your video cam. You can provide an intro clip, a short bio of yourself if you like. Otherwise, use your full creativity to help brand your name, your products or your services. You can even brand your message if you place enough time and energy in creating your videos!

Making Your First Video

Since YouTube is a relatively new concept, when we think about film production, there are still many people that are not certain how to go about making a great video.

First, you will need the proper supplies. You can make a video using something as simple as a digital camera, iPad, a traditional camcorder, or your cell phone (provided it is one that takes video pictures).

What you do is simply record a short, 10-minute clip of your video. Less than 6-minute clips are considered the best. Then download the video to your computer just as you would any digital pictures you would take. YouTube then allows you to upload your videos. If you want your clips to stand out, you can edit your videos before uploading them. There are many software programs readily available that allow you to edit videos easily, even if you are a beginner. One example is Windows Moviemaker.

Software applications are a big hit, in part because you can add subtitles to your video, you can incorporate special effects, and you can zoom in and out and take advantage of many other features. Since optimizing your video is essential if you want to attract attention on YouTube, let’s find out how to do that in Part 3 of 6. That section will help you learn how to create and maximize your videos’ potential so they captivate your audience.