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JV Giveaways Course: 1 – How Do JV Giveaways Really Work?

To get an idea of how JV Giveaways really work, the best way to think of it is like a giant ad swap.

How Ad Swaps Work

In a regular ad swap deal, you and another list owner do an ad exchange: you send out each others advertisement to your mailing lists. Mostly these ad swaps are done by list owners with a similar mailing list size.

Usually, you will want to send an ad that encourages the reader to subscribe to your mailing list.

You can call this ‘legally stealing subscribers’ if you want to. But why wouldn’t you, as the average subscriber is subscribed to more than 10-20 mailing lists these days.

While ad swapping is a perfect way to build your mailing list by playing the game of “using subscribers to make subscribers”, the leverage effect is often 1:1 in a real sense.

You can only carry out one ad swap at a time, for starters. And even if you do swap ads with more than one list owner or e-zine publisher, the leverage effect remains 1:1 because you have to send that many advertisements to your list, too, in proportionate to how many list owners you agreed to swap ads with.

But if you want to discover how you can build your mailing list at warp speed , read on:

How Give Away Events Work

As said earlier, Give Away events are almost similar to what a BIG version of an ad swap.

  • The host of the Give Away event invites partners, who are primarily list owners in the same niche, to contribute a gift.
  • The gifts can be any kind of digital product: ebooks, reports, audio/video products, membership passes, software, scripts, …
  • You, as one of the partners, prepare an opt-in page for visitors to sign up to your mailing list to download your gift. So in a real essence, anyone who wants to download your gift must opt into your mailing list first.
  • The host of the event then adds all the contributed gifts to one page or member’s area . This is where the visitors will go to download the gifts of their choice. When they click a link of a gift, it will bring them to the individual partner’s optin page.

NOTE: When you think about it, the gifts are never offered totally free: visitors must ‘pay’ for them with their email address. That’s why it’s important you give your new subscribers the option to cancel their subscription to your mailing list at any time.

Okay, so that’s EXACTLY how you’re going to build your mailing list after all.

But where DO these visitors come from?

Like ad swaps, Give Away events are really using subscribers to make subscribers.

  • On the launch day and during the limited time event, you and other partners are required by the host to endorse the Give Away event to your individual mailing lists.In other words, you are going to invite your subscribers to the Give Away event to download all the provided gifts at zero-cost. With the host and other partners doing the same, it will be a massive gathering of traffic at the website where all the gifts are being pooled.
  • The host can decide on rewarding partners AND visitors for promoting the event, like giving them a commission on every referred sale of the one-time-offer that is usually shown after initial signup. As a result, many visitors will also promote the event to their mailing list, which will create an endles stream of visitors.

In this collective effort, as long as your gift is displayed there with a link to signup for your mailing list to download it, and people are interested in it, you can receive plenty of signups in a short time span!