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How To Use Youtube For Newbies Part 4 of 6 – Time To Upload

By Fred Horstman  December 9, 2013


youtube (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)


This article is the fourth of six to help newbies to Internet and Youtube by providing some quick start information about using Youtube to your advantage. From registration to uploading videos, you will find some answers to your most pressing questions in a simple and easy-to-follow way. These six articles do not go into great detail. They are designed to give newcomers to Youtube a basic knowledge of how to make and upload videos. More authoritive information can be found with a search and on Youtube itself.

Now that you took some time to play with your video (Part 3), it is time to upload it to YouTube. Please take note of this next statement. Make sure you save any changes you made to your video before you upload it. You also have to save your video in a format YouTube can use. They recommend that you save your video with the following extensions for easier uploads: .MOV, .AVI, or .MPG files. These are common video formats most people find easy to use. YouTube also recommends you use a video with a 320×40 resolution and one with an MP3 sound track. You should be able to upload your video any way you like. If you use a digital camcorder, you can upload your video from the device to the website. YouTube even provides the alternative for users to send their videos to the site by e-mail.

Once you upload your video, you will need to provide some description for it and tags so people can easily find it. The best way to create tags for your video is to come up with some catchy keywords people are likely to search for when looking for videos like yours.

You will also have to specify one or more categories under which YouTube.com lists your video. Remember, the goal here is helping other users find your video quickly and easily. With millions of videos uploaded each day, you have to take time to ensure you label, categorize and tag your video correctly, so that it stands out from the crowd.


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