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Are You An Internet Marketing Newbie? Make Sure You Are Not Spamming Your Clients. Every Email Message Should Command Your Readers’ Attention. – By: Fred Horstman

As an Internet Marketing Newbie, it is imperative that you keep your email messages interesting. Do this and your customers will continue to read your emails. By following tips from this article, you can begin to construct email pieces that will engage your customers and create a buying atmosphere.

Don’t send spam emails promoting your products. Sending an unsolicited email is a mistake. People might start marking them as spam. This hurts your reputation, but even worse, your IP may be blocked by some ISPs.

Do your best to keep your email message personal. As with other types of marketing, customers will be more likely to purchase items from you if you add a personal touch. You can use their name, mention items they might like, based on past purchases, or show them items in their favorite color. Always get permission before adding someone to your email list. Otherwise, your spam complaints will increase, and, you may even lose customers over it completely.

Focus on one idea with every email message. Don’t overwhelm your reader with a ton of text! Compose a single message. Keep it fairly short and concise. Your clients will be happy to not have too much information.

Proofread everything you send out through email. You have to make sure all your newsletters and emails are letter perfect. Don’t just spellcheck them. Read them again. Have somebody else read them. Prior to message distribution, test email layouts so you know for sure that all the text and elements show up in your preferred way. Don’t forget to test any hyperlinks in your email, too. Make sure those links work properly. Don’t make a common newbie mistake.

Consistency is important. Your emails should all feature the same colors and company logo. Be sure that you’re using a font that people can read. After receiving a few messages, consumers will begin to recognize you, hopefully causing them to pay attention to your emails. A recognizable brand is an important marketing factor, especially with email marketing.

Use as few graphics as possible in your email promoting materials. Many email programs will block out graphics, making it a waste of time to utilize them. Additionally, your email is more likely to end up in a junk mail folder should graphics be overused.

Make sure that you have an unsubscribe link that is easily visible within your emails. You must ensure that the link is visible, easily found and not buried beneath images or huge chunks of text. Your reader must feel like it is their own personal choice, whether they continue to receive your emails or not.

Remember, that many of your email subscribers will be reading your mailings on mobile devices, like smartphones. Because the screen resolution is lower on these devices, you have a smaller space with which to work. Test your emails out so that you know they’re legible on mobile screens.

Your marketing via email should be relevant and interesting to every one of your clients. If the emails you send out are simply spam, your customers will simply trash them, and ask to be removed from your mailing list. Use this advice to create quality content for your messages that your customers can appreciate and then you will no longer be a marketing newbie.

About the Author

Author: Fred Horstman has done many things in his long life. He will continue to do many more things. His present goal is to help newbies to Internet Marketing with useful information and suggestions. You can follow him on Twitter (fredgarden8) or check out more of this blog right here.

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