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Do You Want To Optimize Your Mobile Email Marketing Campaign? Here Are Four Tools

Fred Horstman PhotoBy Fred Horstman on December 15, 2013
In Internet Marketing email marketing gets a lot of attention, but in the last few years mobile email marketing has been increasing and now more than 50% of all email marketing emails go to mobile devices. This is a very important trend with no end in site. When someone sends their next email marketing campaign out, the majority of their customers are going to read it on their smartphones or tablets, not on their laptop or desktop.

This leads to the question of whether emails are properly optimized for opens and reads, as well as click through from mobile devices. Mobile open rates are amazingly high, so now is the time to start taking mobile optimization seriously. Let’s start by looking at four tools you can use to optimize mobile email marketing.

Rick Berk RAW vs JPEG

Rick Berk RAW vs JPEG (Photo credit: jaredpolin)

1. JPEG Mini

Let’s begin with a winning app that’s easy to use. Download speeds are often very slow on mobile devices, which is why it is so important for you to make sure you keep the file size down. JPEG Mini is one program that can be used to significantly reduce your image size before you add them to your email. It’s just a few simple clicks to reduce the size by as much as 80 percent.

2. Litmus                                    

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Image by None via CrunchBase


If you are like most people, you have a handful of email templates that you like to use repeatedly over and over again. Litmus is a tool that can be used occasionally to audit the templates you use. It will show you how your template is going to look to various email clients. If your budget allows for it, it’s an excellent tool to use before you launch any big campaign.

3. ThemeForest                                                        

ThemeForest (Facebook Template HTML)

By testing you will be able to know how well your templates work on mobile devices. It’s common for them to be too wide or for the font to be too tiny. This will frustrate your subscribers and it could have a very negative impact on your email marketing campaign. Instead, use email templates designed for mobiles devices to avoid these issues. Theme Forest is a site that has programs that can help you. These templates can be customized so you get exactly what you want.

4. Mailchimp                                                         

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Your entire email marketing campaign can easily be managed using Mailchimp. Mailchimp even provides a video that shows you how to create responsible emails. It’s a very helpful site.

To make the most of your mobile email marketing campaigns take advantage of these tools. Mobile is the future. Change is necessary for succeeding in the future. Start targeting the mobile market.

Fred Horstman PhotoAuthor: Fred Horstman has done many things in his long life. His present goal is to help Newbies in Internet Marketing with helpful information and suggestions. Check out more of his blog at:https://oldienewbies.wordpress.com also follow him on Twitter (fregarden8).

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