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Why Should I be Interested in Social Media? This is How Social Media is Relevant to Marketing

Fred Horstman PhotoBy Fred Horstman on December 28, 2013

Social Media Audit 2013

Social Media Audit 2013 (Photo credit: JNFerree)

The whole point of this guide is to teach you how to increase web traffic to your business by using social media, but it is absolutely essential that you first understand how to use the various social media to that end.

Here are a few things to help keep you in the right frame of mind:

Information and Awareness

One of the first things you need to remember about social media is the distribution of information. If you are launching a program, starting a promotion, offering discounts, looking for employees, opening a new line of products, or have anything important to say, then social media will be one of the quickest and cheapest ways for you to get that information out and on Internet. This is also a facet where social media shines, since people can pass along this information on their own social networks.

Engagement and Discussion

One of the main draws of social media is giving the consumer the ability to easily communicate with both the business and other consumers. A smart consumer of the Internet age no longer takes advertisements at face value. They go online and start from there, and social media allows you to communicate with these people on a near real-time basis. You always have the option to filter or block discussions if they don’t go as you’d like them to. Just keep in mind that they can and will discuss an issue on a separate website that you will be unable to monitor. This is why it would be better that you see what frustrates your customers yourself and address the issue in a timely manner.

Support and Assistance                                            

Support for Japan

Support for Japan (Photo credit: Dominic’s pics)


If people have problems, one of the first things they do is look for someone to help them. And social media could be a cheap and accessible tool to let that happen. Social media is a cheap, easy and convenient tool for people to seek solutions to problems that they may encounter and answers to questions that are nagging them. This is especially useful for small businesses, where the need for expensive customer care services is virtually eliminated by using social media instead. One or two people will be more than enough to handle things until the business grows big enough to need and afford larger customer care services.

Networking and Recruitment                                                       

If you are looking for people to help support your business, like partners, suppliers or employees, then social media can help you out there as well. Not only will you be able to bring additional business to your website, but you could also use an established social network to get additional products, staff, and/or affiliates.

Competitiveness and Relevance

If you can use social media to get customers your way, then you can bet that your competitors can use it too. This is why social media can be a very useful tool to spy on the competition. Are they launching a product with new features? What problems are their customers experiencing? How are they setting up their own social media marketing strategies? Keep an eye on your competitors and you will be able to modify and present your own products and services in a more relevant and competitive manner.

Trust and Assurance                                                   


Trust (Photo credit: Pro-Zak)

Everything that has been discussed earlier will ultimately lead to one thing, the trust of the consumer. This is perhaps the main reason why social media is so effective in marketing circles. It is also the reason why other businesses just can’t see any traffic increase when they use social media. Remember that you are dealing with intelligent people that have something to say. Learning how to properly engage and communicate with them will mean the difference between a successful social media marketing campaign and a total waste of time and energy.

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