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The Tremblin’ Hand Man Taught Me Something.          
By Fred Horstman  January 25, 2014                    

The Tremblin’ Hand Man Taught Me Something.

The other day I was on the commuter train bouncing around Tokyo and I counted how many people were on their cellphones and how many were using a Smartphone or tablet. Shocker! About 80% of the commuters were busy moving their fingers all over the phones. Some were sending messages, some were playing games, and some were surfing internet. What about the other 20%? Well, 15% were sleeping on the shoulders of their neighbors and then the others, me included, were gazing out the windows daydreaming.
Then I looked at the older guy in his 70’s next to me using his iPhone. His hands were trembling like old people’s hands do. (Mine, not yet). I noticed something unusual about his finger style. When he didn’t want to touch the screen, he would place his right-hand fingers on his left wrist. Then I got it. I lot of people click things they don’t want to and sometimes end up buying something by mistake. This guy solved the problem of unwanted clicks by resting those shaking fingers on a stationary place off of the iPhone.
I was happy. Now I found the way to keep on surfing safely when I get a little bit older and start shaking myself.