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Highlighting the Importance of Cyber Security

By Smith Baker on March 20, 2014

With a growing number of high profile security breaches that seem to arise every now and then, the need for cyber security is now more prominent than ever. The issue commonly termed as cyber terrorism or cyber warfare refers to the act of stealing, destroying or sabotaging important digital content, files, data or even computer processes. Cyber security issues need to be addressed on high priority considering the critically important role it plays in a number of operations.

The importance of cyber security is evident from the fact that Governments are now taking unprecedented steps in order to prevent large scale attacks of cyber terrorism on their infrastructures. Cyber security standards are now being revamped and upgraded in order to protect critical information and databases. Vital infrastructures, specifically those which deal with provision of water, transportation and electricity are prone to failures, malfunctioning or even subversion. In this context, the need for ensuring cyber security in order to protect countries’ financial and energy systems is very important. The consequences associated with a data breach or insertion of malicious software into the databases and networks owned by major companies will not only have detrimental fiscal impacts but will threaten the lives of many. The idea of important everyday facilities such as water plants and natural gas pipelines falling in the hands of criminal syndicates is indeed a scary thought. What’s more alarming is that with the growing advancement in warfare technology such as nuclear and chemical weapons; there are consequent increasing risks of these critical sectors being targeted.

While cyber security is generally assumed to be an act which compromises one’s confidential data, the above mentioned examples clearly indicate that a mere fault in any of these critical facilities and their networks may result in mass health emergencies and even a high death toll. A breach in a city’s water plant may result in unavailability of clean drinking water. Similarly, a fault in the electrical supply may render a number of entities including businesses and hospitals useless. From an economical perspective, a shutdown or malfunctioning of important banking systems may trigger a financial crisis which can have global implications. All of these cases stress upon the need for cyber security and stricter regulations. From nuclear power plants’ protection to network defense designed specifically for protecting critical sectors; the threats of cyber terrorism are massive. Currently, there is a need for a more proactive approach, such that regular audits of these databases and their systems are conducted. For instance, water treatment plants need to be tested regularly for contaminants. With a growing number of cyber adversaries, it is mandatory that all digital backdoors be locked in order to successfully thwart terrorist attacks.



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