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Here Are Some Clickbank Basics For Internet Marketing Newbies.

By Fred Horstman  January 6, 2014

You have to be somewhat acquainted with Internet Marketing to have heard the name “Clickbank” much less know what it is. This is funny because the truth is that Clickbank is far and away the largest internet marketplace for digital products and affiliates who want to sell them on internet. You will be surprised when you ask your computer geek friends if they know Clickbank. Many give you a strange look. But it is in a niche on a par with Amazon or Ebay and yet few have heard of CB. It just keeps running smoothly serving the internet community without fanfare.

When Clickbank came along, it really stepped into a nightmare scenario of online marketing and smoothed out the rough edges. In the infancy of internet marketing getting set up as an online marketer…

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