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Killer Tips to Help You Develop Personas For Your Business Blog

OK, so you’ve finally done it: You’ve set up your business blog. It looks great and you’ve got the new-hire raring and ready to steamroll Google with a flurry of SEO-friendly entries. Simple as that – piece o’ cake, even.


… Well, not quite.

Enter: the art of crafting a buyer persona.

Here’s the 411: Though you can craft well-trafficked blog entries that will inevitably help your brand, failing to understand who you want to be landing on your pages could mean you’re not getting the most out of your investment. Buyer personas are, in short, archetypal (but research-based!) characterizations of people you hope to read your blog – your ideal customers or clients, with all their unique behaviors and needs. Knowing who they are is crucial to developing frame and context in blog writing and, ultimately, to pinpointing (and segmenting) your desired audience, generating sales leads and – you guessed it — improving your bottom line.How To Develop Personas for Your Business Blog

The question to pose first and foremost when creating a new blog entry? What, you must ask, is the intent of this blog post?

From there, visualize your buyer persona to help make your entries more specific. Below, a few bullet-point notes on how to go about doing that:

  • Make sense of what you already know. If you’re an established business, comb …………



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E. J. Dealy works at The Company Corporation. They’ve helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners incorporate or form a limited liability company (LLC).